Bassin d'Arcachon

Around the Bay

The Bassin d’Arcachon? It has everything you could wish for/to seduce you.

With an extraordinary diversity of natural spaces, the Bassin d’Arcachon invites you to a change of scene.

Île aux Oiseaux and the “Cabanes Tchanquées “

Cabanes Tchanquées, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

A truly wild area, the island is home to many bird species: terns, curlews and redshanks… In front of the island, stand the Cabanes Tchanquées (cabins on stilts), symbols of the Bassin d’Arcachon.

Dune du Pilat


Europe’s highest sand dune, measuring 105 metres high. It offers a stunning vista over the Banc d’Arguin, the entrance to the Basin, Cap Ferret…

Banc d’Arguin

Banc d'Arguin, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

Between Cap Ferret and Dune du Pilat, it is the largest sand bank on the Girondin coast. A great spot for amateur sailors, it is also a stopover site for migratory birds.

Cap Ferret

Village ostréicole du Cap Ferret, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

This 25 kilometre spit offers one side of ocean beaches, and on the other side, the Bassin, with its oyster farming villages, maritime pines, its lighthouse…

Leyre delta

Delta de Leyre, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

The River Leyre winds over 90 km from Les Landes to meet the Bassin, under an arcade of trees. It is still known as “ little Amazonia”.

Lake Cazaux and Lake Sanguinet

Lac de Cazaux, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

Right in the heart of the pine forest, they are highly appreciated for their fine sandy shores, their creeks, the calm waters…

Domaine de Certes

Domaine de Certes

Covering 400 hectares, and belonging to the Conservatoire du littoral (French agency for the conservation of coastal and riparian area) it is a real mosaic of dikes, canals, reed beds… it is an outstanding place for migratory birds and waders.

Salt meadows

Prés salés La Teste, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

With 130 hectares of dyked coastal marshes classified as an area of ecological interest for flora and fauna, you will find plenty to discover as you walk around.

Gujan Mestras oyster ports

Port ostréicole, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

The capital of oyster farming in the Bassin, Gujan-Mestras has seven picturesque ports: La Hume, Meyran, Le Canal, Gujan, La Barbotière, La Mole and Larros which is home to the Maison de l’Huître oyster museum.

Teich Bird Reserve

Parc ornithologique, crédit Siba B.Ruiz

The Teich Bird Reserve is an area of international importance for some species covering 120 hectares. Every year, 260 species stop here between two migrations.

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